Training In Google Apps

Google Apps is basically Free if you have a Gmail account. That means that you already have the resources for your startup business if you have a Gmail account.

Google Apps to Integrate Your Communications, Storage, Productivity and more...

Google Apps is Free - and Startup-Friendly

Because Google Apps is free, it fits fantastically into your productivity budget as a startup. The goal of the startup is to find out what works to create sales that can be systemized or duplicatable. Google Apps fits perfectly into that, especially at the eCenter because of our Internet speeds (which are very good locally).

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts lets you hold meetings with lots of people, or one on one, or hold a “webinar” to educate your audience. For many, Hangouts is a great way to close sales.


Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to create documents that can be used for a lot of discovering what your audience wants – and delivering that to them.

Google Sheets

Sheets lets you create fantastic spreadsheets to calculate all sorts of business related data that can help you plan where your advertising should go, and a lot more.

Google Slides

Create presentations to help create want and close sales so more of your audience buys your stuff. 🙂 This is VITAL, by the way, to your success.

If You Want to Know More

If you want to know more about the classes, when they are, or if you have any suggested apps that you’d like covered, please call us right away and let us know.

Incidentally, here’s another viewpoint on why Google stuff rocks. (Plus, it look ahead in time to when you’re systemizing your business, which is a great place to look.)