Develop Systems

This is where you develop systems around what it takes to make sales.

Watch the video. It’s not that we endorse these guys, but the major concept he covers is applicable to everything in your business. And it’s well done. 🙂

Of the Companies that you do business with, which of them do not have business systems in place?

Really think about this for a moment...

What Works?

To sell more, if it’s ethical, do it more! Obviously keep testing, but do more of what makes more sales.


Use Pareto Efficiency, or The 80/20 Rule. Some things matter a lot more than others. Use that and other natural laws to build your systems.


Engineer Response

Think about others. What do you want your customers, staff, vendors to say about your business? Engineer THAT!

Track the Stats

Every business has production & sales stats that should be tracked. Reward rises in production and other relevant statistics.

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